Celebrity Bowling - Season 1

Celebrity Bowling-E10-Frank Gorshin and Chris Gorshin vs. Greg Morris and John Baradino
Celebrity Bowling-E27-Kathy Lennon and Janet Lennon vs. Dee Dee Lennon and Peggy Lennon
Celebrity Bowling-E29-Ed Asner and Gail Fisher vs. Peggy Lennon and John Davidson
Celebrity Bowling-E30-John Davidson and Gail Fisher vs. Dianne Lennon and Richard Long
Celebrity Bowling-E31-Sammy Shore and Johnny Tillotson vs. Richard Long and Ed Asner
Celebrity Bowling-E32-Trini López and Gloria Loring vs. Lee Ann Meriwether and David Canary
Celebrity Bowling-E33-Trini López and Sue Ane Langdon vs. Lee Ann Meriwether and Max Baer
Celebrity Bowling-E34-Max Baer and Gloria Loring vs. Sue Ann Langdon and David Canary
Celebrity Bowling-E35-Phil Ford and Mimi Hines vs. Gary Owens and Arte Johnson
Celebrity Bowling-E36-Phil Ford and Mimi Hines vs. Lucie Arnaz and Phil Vandervort
Celebrity Bowling-E37-Arte Johnson and Lucie Arnaz vs. Phil Vandervort and Peter Marshall
Celebrity Bowling-E38-Peter Marshall and Art Metrano vs. Patty McCormack and Dave Madden
Celebrity Bowling-E40-Ernest Borgenine and Virginia Graham vs Dick Martin and Lawrence Harvey
Celebrity Bowling-E42-John Ireland and Dick Martin vs Lawrence Harvey and Ernie Borgnine
Celebrity Bowling-E41-Dick Martin and Virginia Graham vs. Michelle Lee and Ernest Borgenine
Celebrity Bowling-E43-Joe Campenalla and Burl Ives vs. Michelle Lee and James Farentino
Celebrity Bowling-E44-Martin Milner and Ken Mccord vs. Joe Campanella and James Farentino
Celebrity Bowling-E45-Marty Milner and Kent Mccord vs. Joe Campanella and Tige Andrew
Celebrity Bowling-E46-Elizabeth Ashley and Jim Farentino vs. Michael Douglas and Brenda Vaccaro
Celebrity Bowling-E47-Tige Andrews and Elizabeth Ashley vs. Brenda Vaccaro and Michael Douglas
Celebrity Bowling-E48-Frankie Avalon and Michael Callan vs. Herbert Rudley and Richard Deacon
Celebrity Bowling-E49-Ed Ames and Mclean Stevenson vs. Tom Kennedy and Richard Deacon
Celebrity Bowling-E50-Marilyn Maxwell and Nanette Fabray vs. Barbara Nichols and Patty Andrews
Celebrity Bowling-E51-Mclean Stevenson and Mcdonald Carey vs. Stu Gilliam and Ed Ames
Celebrity Bowling-E52-Norma Eberhardt and Mcdonald Carey vs. Nanette Fabray and Stu Gilliam
Celebrity Bowling-E53-Lena Wood and George Montgomery vs. Peter Lupas and Cornel Wilde
Celebrity Bowling-E54-Peter Lupas and Lana Wood vs. George Montgomery and Cornel Wilde
Celebrity Bowling-E61-Roy Rogers and Army Archard vs. Richard Dawson and Lyle Wagoner