Celebrity Bowling - Season 2

Celebrity Bowling-E62-Roy Rogers and Adam West vs. Kent McCord and Gary Collins
Celebrity Bowling-E63-Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows vs. Dick Dawson and Virginia Graham
Celebrity Bowling-E70-Michael Cole and Simon Oakland vs. Tige Andrews and Jan Murray
Celebrity Bowling-E71-Lloyd Bridges and Tige Andrews vs. Jill St. John and James Farrentino
Celebrity Bowling-E86-Dick Martin and Bob Newhart vs. Anthony Newley and Nipsey Russell
Celebrity Bowling-E87-George Forman and Dick Martin vs. Anthony Newly and Don Adams
Celebrity Bowling-E88-Roy Rogers and Don Adams vs. Bob Newhart and George Foreman
Celebrity Bowling-E89-Chris Knight and Eve Plumb vs. Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick
Celebrity Bowling-E90-Roy Rogers and Ruth Buzzi vs. Jackie Gayle and Fannie Flagg
Celebrity Bowling-E91-Donald O'Connor and Rosemary Clooney vs. Rose Marie and Morey Amsterdam
Celebrity Bowling-E92-Frankie Laine and Rosemary Clooney vs. Donald O'Connor and JoAnne Worley
Celebrity Bowling-E93-Ed Ames and Susan Strassberg vs. Rose Marie and Joe Campanella
Celebrity Bowling-E85-Nipsey Russell and Susan Flannery vs. Trini Lopez and Edy Williams
Celebrity Bowling-E94-Ed Ames and Mory Amsterdam vs. Joe Campanella and Frankie Laine
Celebrity Bowling-E95-William Shatner and Fran Jefferies vs. Michele Lee and Hugh O'Brian
Celebrity Bowling-E97-Robert Culp and Fran Jeffries vs. James Farentino and Michele Lee
Celebrity Bowling-E98-Robert Culp and Earl Holliman vs. Stephen Young and James Farentino
CelebrityBowling-E099-Howard Duff and Susan St. James vs. Angie DIckenson and John Saxon
Celebrity Bowling-E100-Leslie Nielsen and Susan St. James vs. Lloyd Bridges and Angie Dickenson
Celebrity Bowling-E101-Jack Carter and Lloyd Bridges vs. Ernest Borgnine and Howard Duff
Celebrity Bowling-E102-Dane Clark and Ernest Borgnine vs. Leslie Nielsen and Jan Murray
Celebrity Bowling-E103-Jan Murray and Elena Verdugo vs. Ed Asner and Gale Storm
Celebrity Bowling-E104-Ed Asner and Elena Verdugo vs. Gavin McLeod and Loretta Swit
Celebrity Bowling-E105-Peter Marshall and Loretta Swit vs. Corbitt Monica and Gavin McLeod
Celebrity Bowling-E106-Lloyd Bridges and Beau Bridges vs. Corbitt Monica and John Marley
Celebrity Bowling-E107-Arte Johnson and Rory Calhoun vs. Dan Rowan and Wayne Rogers
Celebrity Bowling-E108-Arte Johnson and Terry Moore vs. Dan Rowan and Lois Nettleton
Celebrity Bowling-E109-Frankie Avalon and Rory Calhoun vs. Kate Jackson and Edward Albert Jr.
Celebrity Bowling-E110-Bobby Troup and Julie London vs. Lynda Day George and Chris George
Celebrity Bowling-E111-Marty Allen and John Baradino vs. Chris George and Richard Dawson