Celebrity Bowling - Season 3

Celebrity Bowling-E113-Peter Brown and Bill Daily vs. Lucie Arnaz and Joan Darling
Celebrity Bowling-E112-Eric Scott and Mary McDonough vs. Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen
Celebrity Bowling-E114-Dave Madden and Ron Masak vs. Terry Carter and Bill Macy
Celebrity Bowling-E115-Julie London and Bobby Troup vs. Joann Pflug and Chuck Woolery
Celebrity Bowling-E116-Gavin McLeod and Roy Rogers vs. Robert Culp and Richard Dawson
Celebrity Bowling-E117-Roy Rogers and Robert Culp vs. Bobby Troup and Bob Newhart
Celebrity Bowling-E118-Richard Dawson and Bob Newhart vs. Gavin MacLeod and John Ericson
Celebrity Bowling-E119-Roy Rogers & Bob Newhart vs. Charles Dierkop and Richard Dawson
Celebrity Bowling-E120-Dick Martin and Billy Barty vs. John Schuck and Michael Ansara
Celebrity Bowling-E121-Leslie Nielsen and Dan O'Herlihy vs. John Schuck and Conrad Bain
Celebrity Bowling-E122-Dick Martin and Leslie Nielsen vs. Jimmy Walker and Michael Ansara
Celebrity Bowling-E123- Jimmy Walker and Dan O'Herlihy vs. Conrad Bain and Dick Martin
Celebrity Bowling-E124-Janet DuBois and Jimmy Walker vs. Bill Mace and Ruth Buzzi
Celebrity Bowling-E125-Bo Swenson and Ruth Buzzi vs. Bill Macy and Samantha Harper
Celebrity Bowling-E126-Lois Nettleton and Joe Campanella vs. Janet DuBois and Richard Anferson
Celebrity Bowling-E127-Joe Campanella and Bo Svenson vs. Ron Masak and Pat Morita
Celebrity Bowling-E128-Ed Asner and Henry Polic II vs. Joe Campanella and Bill Macy
Celebrity Bowling-E129-Edie Adams and Pete Candoli vs. Jack Carter and Adrienne Barbeau
Celebrity Bowling-E130-Cathy Lee Crosby and Richard Roundtree vs. Edie Adams and Morey Amsterdam
Celebrity Bowling-E131-Jack Carter and Morey Amsterdam vs. Dick Gautier and Richard Roundtree
Celebrity Bowling-E132-Gail Fisher and Adrienne Barbeau vs. Arlene Golonka and Cathy Lee Crosby
Celebrity Bowling-E133-Dick Gautier and Scatman Crothers vs. Alex Trebeck and Jim McKrell
Celebrity Bowling-E135-Pat Morita and Peter Bonerz vs. Vince Edwards and Jim McKrell
Celebrity Bowling-E136-Victor French and Pat Morita vs. Gary Owens and Peter Bonerz
Celebrity Bowling-E137-Bill Dana and Greg Morris vs. Jim Hagar and John Hagar
Celebrity Bowling-E138-Gabe Kaplan and Bill Dana vs. Pat Harrington and Greg Morris
Celebrity Bowling-E139-Gabe Kaplan and Norm Crosby vs. Patt Harrington and Shelley Berman
Celebrity Bowling-E140-Gabe Kaplan and Charles Nelson Reilly vs. Shelley Berman and Norm Crosby
Celebrity Bowling-E141-Robert Clary and Rick Hurst vs. Charles Reilly and William Demarest
Celebrity Bowling-E142-Robert Clary and Charles Nelson Reilly vs. Ron Masak and Rue Mclanahan
Celebrity Bowling-E143-Greg Mullavey & Michael Evans vs. Whitman Mayo & Meredith Mcrae
Celebrity Bowling-E144-Greg Mullavey and Rue McClanahan vs. Michael Evans and Jean Pierre Aumont